My Changes Are Not Showing On My Site

Help! I made changes to my website and I don't see them!

There are a few reasons why the changes you just made to your website are not showing up. In some cases, you may simply need to refresh your page or clear your browser cache. Other times, you will need to confirm that the changes you made were actually published.

Publishing All Pages


Publishing changes to your site happens within the Site Builder:

  1. Go to the Edit Site section.
  2. Click the edit icon next to any normal page.
  3. Click the Publish button.
  4. Select Publish All Pages.

The “publish” button in the upper right corner will save and publish any new changes to the page you’re editing. Once the page is published, you’ll be given the option to “publish all pages.”



Our Site Builder will auto-save any changes you make to normal pages during your session, but they won’t be published until you say so. These are called drafts. Drafts are also created if you navigate away from a page you’re editing in Site Builder before you publish it.


To see if you have any drafts, look for the “drafts” icon near your page in your Site Manager. From there you can click the “edit” button (pencil icon) and publish your page so the changes appear on your website.

Note: Auto-saving only works for normal pages and not app pages, or any pages that have a "Done" button instead of a “Publish” button.

Refreshing Your Browser

If you’ve made sure that all of your pages are published but are still having trouble viewing recent changes on your site, there’s a chance that you simply need to refresh the page. Sometimes if you visit your site frequently while you are editing it, you can cache an older version of the site in your browser history. When that happens you might not see changes right away.


Depending on what type of browser you have, the Refresh or Reload button won’t always be in the same place. For example, in Firefox the Reload button is usually on the left of the address bar and is represented with a single circular arrow. With Internet Explorer 8, the Refresh button is located on the right of the address bar and is represented with two arrows chasing each other.



In most cases, no matter what browser you’re using, the F5 key at the top of your keyboard can also be used to refresh your page and display any recent changes.

Clearing Your Browser’s Cache

If you feel like you’ve done everything above and still are unable to view any changes, you might need to clear your browser cache completely. Your browser’s cache is where images, form data, passwords and other elements of your browsing history are kept in order to make pages load quicker when you visit them more than once.


Sometimes it is useful to delete some of these files in order to force your browser to download newer versions of web pages that may have changed. Clearing your cache is different depending on what browser you’re using.

Detailed instructions on how to clear your cache can be found in this article:

Clear Your Browser’s Cache

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