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What is a Domain Name?

A domain is a unique site address, much like a personalized license plate for your car. A domain consists of a name and a suffix known as an extension. A domain name combined with an extension appears as, or

Domain extensions can be public, such as .com, .net and .biz, or private like .gov (for government organizations). Countries also have designated extensions, such as .uk for the United Kingdom, or .de for Germany. Non-profit organizations generally carry a .org extension.

Why do I need a Domain Name?

When you decide to upgrade your current website by purchasing a domain name you are only changing the address people use to access your website. A domain name helps you achieve a more personalized and professional look for your website address.

We offer several options for registering a domain name. You can choose to take advantage of the Annual Enhanced and Pro packages which include domain registration and email services, or you can register just the domain name by itself.

How To Register My Domain Name

Domain Coupon with Premium Packages


Important: The Enhanced and Pro Annual premium service subscriptions include a domain name coupon. Once you have upgraded to one of these two packages to redeem your coupon do the following:
  1. Log into your Webs account and click Domain Names under the Premium section.
  2. You should see that you have 1 Domain Coupon available. If you do not make sure you purchased the Enhanced or Pro Annual package.
  3. Click Register a New Domain Name(s). This will guide you through the purchase of a domain.
  4. At checkout you will see the coupon applied to your final price.
  5. Once your domain name becomes active set your Primary Web Address through the Site Settings section of your account.
Note: if you buy a vanity domain / ccTLD, or add services like privacy or an additional year of registration there may be a balance you will be prompted to pay when you check out. If you register just the domain name for one year, you will not need to pay anything extra.

Just the Domain Name


  1. Click Site Settings
  2. Type the custom domain name you want into the "Get a Custom Domain Name" field
  3. Click Check Availability
  4. If the domain name is available then "Click here to get this Domain Name" to purchase the domain name.
  5. Once your domain name becomes active set your Primary Web Address through the My Account section of your account.

Your domain name is registered now what?

Note:  When you register, transfer, or attach a domain name to your Webs Account, your site may be offline for up to 24 - 48 hours while the domain name is set up.

After the 24-48 hour period, you will want to do two things. First, make sure your new domain name is your Primary Site Address in the Site Settings section of your account. Then you will need to edit one of your pages and hit Publish to update all of your site's links.

Tip: The way you edit your website will not change.

When you register and set up a domain name nothing changes about how you edit your current website. You will not lose any content from your site or have to change anything about how your site looks or how you currently edit it. You will still log in at to edit your content.

People can access that content by typing your new domain name into their browser.

Publishing All Pages


Publishing changes to your site happens within the Site Builder:

  1. Go to the Edit Site section.
  2. Click the edit icon next to any normal page.
  3. Click the Publish button.
  4. Select Publish All Pages.

The “publish” button in the upper right corner will save and publish any new changes to the page you’re editing. Once the page is published, you’ll be given the option to “publish all pages.”


More information on making sure you see the changes to your site pages can be found here -

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