All About Premium Services

What are Premium Services?

PremiumServicesPage.pngPremium services include features like upgrades to bandwidth, webspace, a custom domain name & email services, and upgrades to many of our applications.

We have combined most of our premium services into three main packages that are offered on monthly, annual and longer terms.

More information, including pricing and payment options, can be found in your account in the Premium Services section.

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What is the difference between a Premium Service and a Premium Package?

A premium service is a single feature, like ad-free hosting, or web-form submissions. A premium package is a selection of services bundled together.

Premium Services

  • 24/7 Customer Support - access to 24/7 live chat as well as the option to email the premium support team
  • Premium Templates - a number of templates for premium customers only
  • Custom Domain Name - your choice of your own custom domain name/site address
  • Email Addresses - custom email addresses for your custom domain name
  • Bandwidth - a monthly allotment of upload/download space for your site
  • Web Storage - total amount of storage space for your website's files
  • Video Storage - used in conjunction with the Video Gallery application
  • Web Store Items - the number of items you can list in your Web Store application
  • Google AdWords credit - a credit to get you started with your new advertising campaign with Google
  • Facebook Advertising credit - a credit to get you started with your new advertising campaign with Facebook

Premium Packages

Webs offers three Premium Service packages - Starter, Enhanced, and Pro. Available on a monthly, annual or two year term. Select longer terms and receive a discounted rate.

NOTE: the term you select determines how often you are billed. For example, if you select the annual subscription, you are paying for the full year of services when you purchase it. Upon renewal, you will renew at the same annual rate.

What comes with the Premium Service Packages?

  Starter Enhanced Pro
24/7 Customer Service Check.png Check.png Check.png
Premium Templates Check.png Check.png Check.png
FREE Custom Domain Name - Annual and 2 year only Annual and 2 year only
Email Addresses - 5 15
Bandwidth 5 GB 25 GB 100 GB
Web Storage 400 MB 1000 MB 5000 MB
Video Storage 150 Min(HQ) 1000 Min(HQ) Unlimited(HQ)
Web Store Items 10 items 30 items Unlimited
Google Adwords - Spend $25 get $100
(1 & 2 yr only)
Spend $25 get $100
(1 & 2 yr only)
Facebook Ads - $50 Credit  (1 & 2 yr only) $50 Credit  (1 & 2 yr only)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my free domain name?

The free domain name is included with the Annual and Two year subscriptions to Enhanced and Pro only. Once you have purchased the annual or two year premium service subscription visit the Domains Names section to use your domain coupon to register a domain name of your choice.

More Information on Domain Names

How do I get my AdWords and Facebook Credits?

Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising credits can be used to purchase advertising space on both platforms. The Advertising credits are included in the Annual and Two year subscriptions only. You can redeem your Ad Credits through the Control Panel by clicking on the Ad Credits icon under Marketing and Site Promotion.

More Information on Advertising Credits

How do I remove the advertisements from my Site?

Once you have upgraded to Premium Services, you may need to publish your website to have the advertisements removed from the top and sides of your Site Pages.

More Information on Activating Services

How do I renew my subscription?

By default your subscription is set to automatically renew. However, you can manage everything about the billing for your premium services through the Billing section of Premium Services.

More Information on Account Billing

How do I update my billing information?

You can update the payment information for your premium services at any time through the Billing section of Premium Services.

More Information about Updating your Billing Information

I just want a Domain Name!

Registering just a custom domain name provides you with Ad-free hosting, moderate upgrades to Bandwidth and WebSpace, and Priority customer service.

You can register a domain name of your choice through the Domain Names section of Premium Services.

More information on registering a Custom Domain Name

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