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Working With Member Profiles

If you’ve recently turned your site into a community using the Members Application, your members may have a few questions about member profiles. What are member profiles and what do they do?


Each member thumbnail on your main Members page links to a full profile. Depending on each member’s activity, a profile can have up to five profile tabs.


The Main tab displays a snapshot of a member’s recent activity as well as general information. This is also the page where members can leave public comments for one another. This view includes:

  • Profile Image
  • Member Permission Level
  • Join Date
  • General Info
  • Sites Subscribed To
  • Recent Activity Feed
  • Update Status Section



The Info tab displays the answers to questions your members were asked during sign-up.


This tab displays the other members that a member has friended. Members request friends by clicking the “add as a friend” link on the profile sidebar. Friend requests are sent to email and a pending request appears in the requested member’s left profile column.

WARNING: Once a friend request has been denied the same request cannot be made again.

Photos & Video

The Photos and Video tabs display what a member has uploaded via the Photo Gallery and Video Gallery applications.

IMPORTANT: You must enable member uploading from the settings for each application. Members cannot upload images or videos through their profile page.

Editing Profiles


Your members can easily edit their profile information. They can do this from the “Edit Profile” link in Member’s Area module in the Sidebar, or from the “Edit Profile” link on the left profile column.


Edit Profile

On the “Edit Profile” page you can upload an image for your profile photo, change your screen name and add additional information in the About Me section as well as create a signature for your Forum posts.

Notification Preferences

Under the “Notification Preferences” tab your members can set if they want to be notified when other members comment on content they have posted, like Forum and Blog comments.

Edit Account

Under “Edit Account,” members can change their sign-up email address, as well as fill in stats like birthday and location. This is also the page where members can edit Site Memberships.

Change Password

The Change Password tab is where members can change the password used to log into the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can members change the look of their profile, like backgrounds?

Member profiles will take on the look of the overall site template. This cannot be changed for individual profiles.

Can members upload photos and videos through their profile tabs?

The “Photos” and “Videos” tab show what the member has contributed using the Photo Gallery and Video Gallery applications. Make sure you enable member uploads for each application if you want your members to be able to add photos and videos using these applications.

How can members send each other private messages?

Members can message each other by clicking the “send a message” link in the left profile column. Members can open messages by clicking the “inbox” link located in their left profile column, or under the “Members Area” Sidebar module.

If a friend request has been denied, how long before the request can be made again?

Once a friend request has been denied that same request cannot be made again.

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