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Help! I just received a warning that my site will be deactivated for going over my bandwidth! What’s bandwidth?


Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be sent through a network connection via upload or download. Every time a visitor views a file or page they are using your site's bandwidth since data is actively being transferred from your server to the visitor’s computer.

In this article we will discuss:

Bandwidth and Web Storage are not the same thing

"Web Storage" is the total space available for your files, which decreases every time you add new files. The amount of web storage space you have does not change or renew. The only time file storage space increases is when you delete files from your File Manager.

"Bandwidth" refers to the amount of data transfer you are allotted per month. It is calculated by the file size multiplied by the number of times your files are viewed by visitors on your website.

For example, if you have an image on your site that is 3 MB (megabytes) and a visitor views it only one time, then you have used 3 MB worth of bandwidth. However, if the same image is viewed by multiple visitors 10 times, then you have consumed 30 MB of your bandwidth.

Your bandwidth resets every month.

How To Monitor Usage

You can always see exactly how much bandwidth you’ve used for the month by going to the Site Settings page and taking a look at the Site Usage panel.


Here, you will also see your reset day, which is the same day each month.

Know your account type and package

Your monthly bandwidth allotment is determined by your account type and package:

Bandwidth For Premium Packages:

  • Starter Package- 5 GB
  • Enhanced Package- 25 GB
  • Pro Package- 100 GB

Bandwidth For Free Users:

  • Beginning Quota- 100 Mb
  • After 7-Day Provisional Period- 500 Mb
NOTE: If you are a Premium user, please be aware that unless you have upgraded to one of the packages above, you will have the same bandwidth allotment as a free user.

For more on Premium services and packages, please check out this article in our Knowledge Base:

Activate your Site Stats

Clicky Stats is a free tool that allows you to monitor the amount of traffic your site is receiving. This is particularly useful for popular websites, because you will be able to tell when more bandwidth is being consumed. If you have not already activated your Clicky Stats, you can do so under the Site Stats tab after logging into your Webs account.

Speeding up your site’s load time and preserving bandwidth

Keep file sizes in mind

One way to prevent exceeding your bandwidth, especially if your site draws lots of visitors, is to make sure you keep file sizes small and only display images and other media as needed.

For example, it may be useful to re-size some of your images using a graphics optimization program (such as Photoshop or any online image re-sizer). Sometimes an image that appears smaller on a web page is still being downloaded at its original (larger) file size, if a new version of the file has not been created.

Know your file types

There are many different types of files that do the same thing. MP3s, WMAs and WAVs are all audio files, but which one takes up the least amount of space? Streaming music and video files are the quickest way to consume bandwidth, so it is very important to understand what type of files you’re using on your website. In most cases the MP3 format is your best option.

The same goes for images. Make the most of your bandwidth and web storage by using image files that take up the least amount of space. In most cases the JPG/JPEG format is your best option. Try to avoid using bitmap (BMP) files online.

For more on making the best choices for images and audio files, check out these articles elsewhere in our Knowledge Base:

Keep pages short

In addition to using files that won’t consume a ton of bandwidth, how you compose your pages also contributes to the way your bandwidth is consumed. Naturally, the more content you add to a page, the longer it will take to load. Keep in mind that the casual visitor is impatient, and if a page takes too long to load, the visitor may go elsewhere.

Try to avoid having several media files all loading at once on one page. You could be using unnecessary bandwidth and stalling load time for the visitor.

For more on composing your pages, check out this article elsewhere in our Knowledge Base:

Need more bandwidth for the month?

You can upgrade to another package which provides additional bandwidth. 

Follow this link to preview our premium services: 

  • http://www.webs.com/pricing.htm

Bandwidth FAQs

When does my bandwidth reset?

Bandwidth resets every month on its reset date which can be found in the Site Settings Tab of your Site Manager's Page.

Am I notified when I am about to exceed bandwidth?

If you have surpassed your monthly bandwidth, you will see a notice on your Site Manager page stating the the following: "Your site has surpassed the bandwidth limitations for your package. To avoid being deactivated, please either upgrade or purchase additional bandwidth in the Credit Shop."

When does my Web Storage reset?

Web Storage does not reset every month. It can only be decreased by deleting content from your site.

What happens if I exceed my monthly Bandwidth or Web Storage?

If your bandwidth exceeds your monthly allotment, account will be frozen (inaccessible to users) until the bandwidth resets. The same will occur if your web storage space is exceeded.

I uploaded a file but the file size is different according to Webs.com. Which file amount will count against my bandwidth and Web storage?

In all cases you should refer to the file size stated in your File Manager. That file size is the actual size which will affect your bandwidth and web space. You can check any file sizes by following these steps:

  • Log into your account.
  • Click "edit this site.
  • Click on the "File Manager" Tab and view your files. Sizes will be located under the column labeled Size.
If I post ads, will it count against my bandwidth?

Ads do not count against your monthly Bandwidth as they are not hosted by your site. Content hosted by third party providers, like Youtube or Photobucket, do not count against your bandwidth.

My bandwidth did not reset for the month. What do I do?

Be sure to always Clear Cache and Cookies to make sure you are seeing the most current content on your site. Please also allow a 12 Hour grace period for your meter to reset as we may perform unscheduled maintenance from time to time which may disrupt your automatic reset.

My Web Storage did not decrease after deleting items. What do I do?

Please allow 24-48 hours for your Storage meter to accurately display the correct storage amount. If you are still encountering the issue after that time, please contact the Webs Support Team via the Support link in your Webs.com account.

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